After a brief hiatus…

 In General

…of several months…

It’s strange the way communications shift. Changes in Facebook, extra input for my business and my sites on Twitter, other things too – all can shift your attention away from other platforms.
And to be honest, your own blog is where you have the most control – no character limits, no formatting restrictions. And yet I’ve been away.
Certainly feels like neglect and so I’m trying to resolve to post here more often.
Maybe not long posts or hugely long posts, but something that is allowed the space to articulate better than a Tweet for instance.
I’m not doing that today, but I will for now add a pic of Sandy Bay, Porthcawl, where we walk the dogs. It’s always good for pictures – I’m posting on Facebook and Flickr my ongoing shots of scenes and abstracts, and here’s one now – treated with the awesome Snapseed iOS App – of a view across the beach – lots of tilt shift accentuating brightness and grass texture.

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