Happy Brithday Vroom Media

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Today’s a special day. Yep, it’s someone’s birthday.
And no I’m not talking about former MotoGP 125cc and current World Superstock 1000 rider Pere Tutusaus – happy birthday Tutu, by the way – No, I’m talking about my own baby VROOM MEDIA which turns one today.

It’s going to be a day like any other really – I’m in the middle of a raft of wireframing for an iPhone application for a travel company, and also doing some printwork design for CBBC, Children’s BBC. So it’s going to be a long and busy day. But that’s good. And it’s something I’m very thankful for after a year of kicking off a completely new business in somewhat tough times.

The company’s main body of work remains rooted in web builds and iPhone applications (we’re currently building a website for a commercial law firm in Australia, which is a nice extension to the portfolio) and we’re also continuing to work hard at developing our MotoGP and motorsport projects: we’ve overhauled most, if not all of our websites this year, and have a trip to the Valencia GP coming up too. And we’ve also launched VROOM MAGAZINE – the webzine dedicated entirely to Spanish riders, which I’m hoping is going to flourish.

There’s been plenty of long hours and long days and weekends gone into all this, but at the same time the move to the fab Heritage Coast of south Wales has also meant being able to get out of a creative rut by bogging off down the beach with the dogs. And to be fair it’s been a brilliantly sunny summer down here for the most part.

One year is a landmark, and I’m certainly under no illusions that times are still tough – and are likely to remain so – but that’s the way it is for all of us. Apart from bankers apparently. So it’s a matter of continuing to work hard and play hard, and to chase work and clients that I want out of personal and professional enjoyment as well as work and clients that I need to help pay the bills.

For now it’s a good opportunity to celebrate (once I’ve cleared today’s jobs, of course) with a glass or two or three of Spanish red.

Happy birthday VROOM!


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