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This news kind of falls somewhere between shameless self-promotion and genuinely useful stuff for MotoGP fans. So I’ll try to sound really really altruistic and say that it’s definitely the latter, and tell you about the new improved

As I – and friends and colleagues at Vroom Media – run a few MotoGP and motorsport related websites, we’ve often found it important to have loads of different sources at our fingertips. It was this need that originally drove the build and launch of – a site we hoped could become the ultimate web directory for MotoGP fans around the world.

Basically, that’s what it has become – and it goes far beyond MotoGP too; taking in many other championships and country events.
Its main focus however remains MotoGP itself – all three classes, and all the rider, team and news sites related to them, along with all key blogs, forums and other sites out there that could possibly interest the true MotoGP fan. Official bodies, merchandise – pretty much has it all.

Nonetheless it came time recently to look again at its whole build and structure, and I’m really chuffed to say that the newly relaunched version is now fully live and up and running – bigger and better than ever, more user friendly, and still the best directory out there for MotoGP and bikesport fans.

So next time you’re needing to track down a MotoGP related site – official, unofficial, whatever… then go straight to and give it a go. And if you know of any sites that *aren’t* on there, then click the “Submit Site” button and make sure they get listed.

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