Groundbreaking Virtual GP To Run On Twitter This Weekend

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Lots of people slag off Twitter.
They’re idiots of course.
But they do.
And sometimes you can accept that there’s differing levels of usefulness, triviality and purposelessness to the phenomenon in an already crowded world of communications and technology.
Nonetheless, any MotoGP fan should find themselves very grateful that Twitter exists this coming weekend, when the world’s first genuinely virtual sporting event takes place on the service – a completely virtual MotoGP weekend played out in the absence of the *real* Japanese GP (which has been postponed until October due to the travel chaos caused by the Icelandic volcano eruption).
It’s not a real race of course – but it’s definitely going to be a great exercise in fun and entertainment, and a genuinely sweet and fun way to lift everyone’s spirits.

Already attracting the notice and apparent cooperation of high profile MotoGP media figures, the event is spearheaded by a Twitterer/Tweeter called @twitgp – who is promising a weekend of full sessions, celebrities and typically MotoGP fun.
If you’re not already on Twitter, then you should be – so get signed up and get following (there are plenty of MotoGP riders and personalities already on there that you can follow) and search for and follow @twitgp – who you can also find on this URL:
You can also search for news about the event using the hashtag #twitgp

It sounds like a big load of fun: A great idea and a great cure for the blues that the race postponement has caused. So join up and join me in following this sporting and technological first!

And to help give you stories to look at and people to chat with why not also follow some of my sites – and me – on Twitter: @batifans , @teamaspar , @garethbouch , @scottredding45 , @peretutusaus

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