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A quick update on the #hulldailyfail fiasco (as the delightful Twitter hashtag puts it) with a very positive note.
It’s not clear how long things may take to get resolved over the newspaper’s original sleazy and hypocritical trashing of local online newspaper competitor Paul Smith, but it’s good to know that the Press Complaints Commission are investigating the matter.
They say that that have received “numerous complaints” from across the UK – including one from Mr Smith himself, which means they can properly investigate it. Although the others who complained cannot be regarded as genuinely legal or legitimate complainants it can only be hoped that the level of revulsion at the Hull Daily Mail’s actions will therefore not be lost on the PCC and will be a factor in assessing the impact of their articles.

This nasty little farrago tends to suggest that the Hull Daily Mail may well not be the best people to carry the torch of online community news in the city, the area and the region. And that may be where the Hull Free Press comes in…
If you like the idea of a news and community project by the people for the people then I’d strongly suggest you take a look at the Hull Free Press startup page.
I think that a genuine enterprise that is guided by and existing for the community, and which is less likely to lose its way in the mire of thrashing around at commercial objectives, can only be a good thing for all.
Very best of luck to the project: If I still lived there it’s something I’d love to be working on, and so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this shapes up and I really hope it takes off in a big way.

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