In General

Or at least there’s been tumbleweed on here… my bad.
Been stupidly busy trying to have the day job – coming to an end – and also to make inroads in setting up the new business and spending nights and weekends working on its first projects.
As a result I’m 1) failing to post here anywhere near enough, 2) failing to post on my favourite forums and 3) utterly and completely shagged out.

Still a couple of nice weekends coming up…
This Friday it’s off to Madrid to see El Canto Del Loco in concert at the Palacio de los Deports, which I’m giggly like a kid over.
And then the following weekend it’s the final race in the MotoGP season; the Valencia GP at Cheste. Repeat giggly behaviour. I’m there as Media for BatiFans, Team Aspar and the other VROOM sites, and also to try and chase some business if poss – as well as being booked in to meet with the Official Alvaro Bautista Fanclub Saturday and Sunday.

So, er…. not many posts here again, then…. ;-)

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