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I’m setting up my new business at the moment, as I’m currently in the middle of a redundancy process and need to get my head around “Life After Teletext”, where I’ve been for 11 years, busily getting complacent and institutionalised.
Getting a similar job is pretty much out of the question (as in it’s both unlikely and to be honest, probably undesirable) so I’m looking at freelancing more than anything – the skills and experience are there; but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and persistence too.
There’s some interesting projects that I’m aiming to pursue, primarily because they’d be things I’d love to do and would be brilliant if they worked out – but I’m also keeping my feet firmly on the ground and prepping to do my fair share of “grind” work too; the kind of thing of which the best you can say is that it “pays the bills…”

One of the major upsides to what I’m planning is that pretty much everything I can do on my Macs, but there’s two things that have sadly meant I need to get Windows up and running…

One is that, as a web designer amongst other things, I really need to ensure that anything I build looks and works fine cross-platform, so I need to check it in PC browsers on a Windows OS. The other is that I bought a special application called “Business in a Box” which is basically an adaptable business and legal document resource. Had I wanted just the English version then there’s a Mac one, but as I wanted the English AND Spanish combined edition it’s got a bit more complicated, as it’s not available for the Mac and requires a PC version that is a bespoke app that allows exports to standard “Office” formats.

So basically I’ve just had to shell out on the Business in a Box software, plus Office for PC, plus Windows for PC, plus Parallels to run the whole fat lot on top of the Mac OS.

This had better all be bloody worth it!!! It’s yet another disappointment to my team too, who’ve been devastated by the sight of me buying project-planning and accounting software recently. By the way, the best project planning software for Mac is unarguably OmniPlan by the wonderful folks at Omni Group, who also produce OmniGraffle which is pretty much indispensable for things like sitempas and wireframing.

By the way, the new business is called Vroom Media.
There’s a main information site here…
And a more detailed portfolio site here at Vroom Vroom…
Plus there’s a page on Facebook here…

If you need some nifty design work doing, and you’re a nice person and a prompt payer then get in touch ;-)

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