New El Canto Del Loco & Pere Tutusaus Websites

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It’s been a busy couple of days with me overhauling and relaunching a couple of my “pet project” sites. I won’t call them “hobbies” as they’re too important to me, and I felt that given the other rebuilds I’d done recently it’d be a great opportunity to carry on learning about WordPress and PHP and CSS geekery by giving both sites a complete makeover and moving them from Blogger to my own domains and building them from the ground up with revised designs.

Here’s how the new El Canto Del Loco website looks…

And this is how I’ve reworked the new Pere Tutusaus website, although I’ve left the branding more or less intact on this one, compared to the hefty redesign of the whole styling that I’ve done with the ECDL site…

I’ve also been working on a very cool idea that I’ve come up with which will also be a WP project; although it’s huge by comparison, and also very secret squirrel, so I’ve got to try and stay excited about it for months yet while I mess around at refining and developing the idea and figuring out if there’s any money in it!
Stay tuned…
And stay patient…

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