Guardian Writer Spots Upside To BNP Victory

 In Politics

Despite the fact that opening sentence includes the words “Britain has finally voted in a fascist leader” here is a remarkably upbeat assessment of how the BNP’s election victories can allow them to be put under closer scrutiny and for their racist, fascistic shitwit agenda to be properly exposed.

It’s appalling that they have been able to gain ground (although it’s only slightly reassuring to know that their vote actually wnet down from 2004 – and therefore the gains are at the predictable expense of the mainstream and particularly Labour, in the midst of the current meltdown). Sadly Labour have also made their stance more acceptable by not challenging it as bollocks, but pandering to the worst instincts of those the BNP try to frighten and lurched further and further to the loathsome right themselves.

And Andy Burnham is wrong when he says that whatever happens, the BNP is not the answer. They are, in one and only one particular instance, definitely the answer… And that is when the question is “I’m a complete cunt, who should I vote for?”
And only then.

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