Trust In The You Of Now

 In Music

I’ve been working on the music again. Sadly not prepped enough to get on with the actual *proper* Smallcreep work, but still just fitting in sessions to better acquaint myself with Logic 8.
And today that’s resulted in another piece that I’m happy enough to put out for general consumption. It’s a seven minute piano improvisation (with just a couple of overdubs of pre-delayed note washes to fill it out) that’s just very very peaceful; very typical of my improv work really; recorded in almost total darkness, just me playing against the silence – and probably something that might appeal to anyone who likes folks such as Lyle Mays, Keith Jarrett or Mark Hollis. As with the previous tune it’s been given a name derived from the superb Brian Eno / Phil Schmidt tool “Oblique Strategies”, which I’ve had a history of using on many projects – from design to music to writing.

The piece is called “trust in the you of now” and you can download it here…


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