Tube Strike On Beautiful Hot Sunny Day Shocker

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(*Above: RMT workers struggling for justice. In the sun. Again.)

Okay, so I’m a commuter who lives on the Victoria Line and am having today’s travel royally screwed over by the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) going on strike – but, not being in the slightest a cynical or sarcastic individual, I cannot begrduge them such a lovely day in the sun.

Not only is today “EARTH DAY” and so it’s almost poetic that the RMT should choose on our behalf to celebrate the environmental event by not running any tubes on the Victoria Line (thereby saving a bit of energy, and forcing people into their cars so they end up using a lot more instead), but also they have managed to choose (at short notice, I’m guessing by looking at the BBC’s excellent 5-day weather forecasts…) an absolutely perfect day for it.
The RMT and London Transport workers’ unions in general, tend to be pretty good at picking strike days, although today seems something of an exception as they usually pick the Tuesday after a Bank Holiday to pad out a smashing weekend, or a convenient late-night shopping day in the run-up to Christmas.

But fairplay – it’s a good call; lovely sunshine and a tremendous midweek break, and only a shame that the rest of us didn’t think of something like this too.
The excuse (sorry… “reason”) for the strike is apparently a claim that the trains need safety features to prevent doors from opening on the wrong side – something that I’ve never once experienced or even heard of in my many years living down here.

Enjoy the sun, chaps – and I look forward to everything being back to normal (ie: Shit) tomorrow.

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