“Yep” – An iPhoto For PDFs. But Better.

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Discovered a superb app that’ll make a world of difference to me. It’s one for Mac OSX, and it’s called Yep – a kind of iPhoto for PDF files… Except better than iPhoto.

Fire it up for the first time and it rifles through your machine (well, where you allow it on your machine – that’s up to you) and catalogues and tags all the PDFs it can find.
Once it’s done that you effectively have your “library” and whilst things like iPhoto can behave like complete tossers over where stuff is stored, Yep doesn’t care. It just knows, and it awlays reflects the locations correctly.
The main viewing panel gives preview or list views – and can also be used for actually browsing within PDFs – and you can use the lefthand column for navigating your entire PDF collection either by location on your Mac or by tagging. Oh, and you can add your own tags of course, on top of all the tagging data already existing in the documents.

PDFs have become a hugely prevalent document format of late. Not only are they often used for manuals and guides, they’re often how download documents, press releases and much more are handled. Plus of course there’s PDF previews from apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. I have oodles of PDFs around, stashed all over the place, so it’s a real plus to find something that catalogues and manages them so effectively.

Yep lets you scan documents too; suggesting that you can just keep adding to your PDF stash forever with realworld documents – but I don’t even feel the need to go into that area.
Just as a PDF database and ‘management’ app, it’s absolutely superb.
A mere $34 and worth every cent, whatever a cent is worth these days…
Yep can be downloaded from here

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