Expenses Row Becomes “X”penses Row

 In Politics

You’d need to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the death scene of Little Nell, it was once said (Oscar Wilde I think…)
Similarly you’d need to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the latest discomfort of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith; one of New Labour’s most grating, hateful, authoritarian tendency.
Whilst constantly berating anyone who might not “share our values” (collaborating in torture, waging war against international law and putting porn on expenses are things that, I’m sorry, but I do NOT hold with… especially when you can get porn for free…) she seems to be fast becoming a target for embarrassing disclosures of hypocrisy and dodginess. And, to be fair, in this case, just plain poops & giggles.
Whether this news is the leaking work of some disgruntled civil servant, or possibly proof of some kind of god, I’m not sure.
But along with Jenson Button’s “fairytale” Oz GP, it has certainly raised a smile. In a cackling out loud kind of a way.

Comedy paydirt, karma, call it what you will: but in these miserable times, laughter is good for the soul – and it’s most welcome. I’m just astonished that it’s getting to be that the architects of the misery are the ones bringing on the chuckles…

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