Teddy Bear Suicide

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Whilst thinking ahead to watching Supernatural tonight (ITV2, 9pm each Sunday if you’re in the UK) I suddenly remembered I meant to find and post a clip from last week’s episode “Wishful Thinking”; one of the show’s more entertaining and tangential instalments.

Supernatural tends to be really, really enjoyable when they lighten up a bit or go oddball once in a while, and this was no exception – in a town where a Babylonian coin in a wishing well causes all kinds of weirdness and gradually runs out of control and things turn serious.
The funniest, and weirdest bit, had to be the child’s teddy bear – wished to life by a small girl – and driven to despair (and alcohol and porn) by the grim realities of life; eventually blowing his own brains – well, feathers and polystyrene – all over the bedroom walls with the help of a shotgun.

Really weird.

Honestly. REALLY weird.

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