The Simpsons New Opening Titles For The HD Age

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The Simpsons has some new opening titles, firmly rooted in the original titles’ DNA but completely updated.
The new opening sequence accompanies the show’s transition to High Definition format in Season 20, with the basic outline / storyboard the same but new incidents and characters and references throughout; many referring to previous episodes (for example the items at the supermnarket checkout now include Tomacco and Mister Sparkle…), Marge now actually hits Homer with the car in the driveway sequence, flinging him straight through into the living room – and a key piece of the titles, the TV which carries the main ‘created by’ credits is now itself a High Definition TV, which closes the entire sequence by falling off the wall.
Watch the clip above and spot all the differences.

There’s loads of info about *all* incarnations of the titles including the movie – here on Wikipedia…

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