Photos From Cape Verde

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I’ve put up a page of holiday snaps from Boa Vista in the Cape Verde Islands here…
A beautiful place, in a barren windswept kind of a way. Vast beaches, volcanic mountains, a desert and mile after mile of scrub and tundra.
It’s peaceful and tranquil; really beautiful actually – although the hotel RIU Karamboa turns out to be a huge 750 room monstrosity, soon to be dwarfed by another RIU hotel in the south of the island on the stunning and pristine Santa Monica beach (to be twice the size of the Karamboa apparently, and surely to have a huge impact on the island’s landscape, environment and culture).
And although RIU’s “News” magazine goes to great lengths (over several pages) to emphasise its environmental commitment, you do have to wonder just a little when they proudly boast, after all the environmental blurb that they built the Karamboa – and I quote this verbatim – “on the very beach where the famous caretta-caretta sea turtles’ egg-laying ritual takes place.” Ecology rules, eh…?

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