Tyrant, Rock Star, Diva, King… & Don’t Forget Human Being

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There’s an excellent piece on Cult of Mac at the moment, reflecting on Steve Jobs’ decision to step back from Apple till the summer on account of health issues being “more complex” than previously thought.
I wanted to share it as it’s a pared down, non-hysterical look at the present and the future and – without getting ghoulish or mawkish – also attempts to understand the nature of Jobs’ legacy, whenever his time may come.
Most chatter on the various Mac forums is a mix of hysteria and cynicism, and some utterly unreal trolling from sickeningly greedy and self-obsessed shareholders (apparently), who deserve nothing short of the mightiest punch in the gob.

There’s not really much to do except hope that the stepping back / treatment etc is not a gentle euphemism for the long goodbye but a genuine assessment (and in no way loaded) of what’s going on; to wish Steve Jobs all the best, and to hope he’s back doing more “insanely great” things when he’s good and ready.

Click here for the article…

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