Narnia; A Fairy Tale. No Really…

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News that Disney has bailed on the Narnia films should not, I’m guessing, find the *real* driving force behind them – the Christian conservative backed Walden Media – left in the lurch when it comes to completing the series.
At the moment the most likely backer would appear to be that bastion of arch conservatism and neoconservatism, Fox.

The only reason I’m rambling on about the Narnia films (when they could hardly be described as great pieces of cinema worth rambling about) is that it’s ironic that such forces of conservatism are behind them when the most standout thing about the second film “Prince Caspian” (apart from Ben Barnes’ outlandish Spanish-Icelandic-French-Japanese-Australian-Russian accent) was the hilariously smouldering homoeroticism between his character and the posh kid who looks like Charlie out of Busted.
Unintentional though it surely was, it made me laugh till I almost peed – and it must be a bit galling for Walden to have such do-gooding preachy moralising undone by those two boys spending the entire movie furrowing eyebrows and pursing lips at each other as if they don’t know whether to kick off an almighty bitch-slapping or just get down and dirty behind some rocks, out of sight of all the talking badgers…

If Fox ended up being responsible for another unintentionally funny slice of fairytales (yes, that’s both cheap and deliberate), then it would make my day.
And if they keep Ben Barnes’ fabulous “French Taunter” accent, then that’s just a bonus…

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