Talavera De La Reina Here I Come. Again.

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I’m heading off to the beautiful and amazingly friendly Talavera de la Reina tomorrow.
It’s a fat, long weekend trip in my role of MotoGP geek and Alvaro Bautista fanboy – meeting with Michaela and Tamara to attend Alvaro’s official fanclub winter dinner.
The summer party in August was a superb and unforgettable experience and whatever time and contact I may or may not get with the Batster, I already know that his family, friends and fanclub members will be ridiculously warm and welcoming.
I may post up notes nad pics over the weekend, or not – I have no idea how things will pan out at the moment and where all the time will go.
Hopefully there’ll be stuff to share in due course. For now I just can’t wait to get there :)

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