Max Mosley Sticks It To Paul Dacre

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(*Above: Max Mosley – Respect!)

Whilst I deplore Max Mosley for squandering many opportunities to save the sport that I loved for so long, I can’t help but rejoice at him sticking it to the contemptible Paul Dacre in this Comment Is Free piece.
“Squalid” is a perfect word for the way the Mail – and the rest of the gutter press behave over their seamy exposures in ‘the public interest’ – as should be transparently obvious to anyone with half a brain, and Dacre’s hypocritical cant is given a prefect “Sod Off” by Max in this article – encouragingly supported by many of the comment posters below it.
Mosley’s setting aside of what is surely considerable embarrassment to stand his ground on serious questions of *genuine* rights and morality (as opposed to Dacre’s grotty little excuses to sell more of his rags) is wonderful.

Good on you Max :)
(Shame about F1 being crap though….)

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