“You Don’t Need Freud When You’re Dealing With Caligula”

 In Politics

A choice gobbet from the fab Gore Vidal on a Guardian page of contributions from various writers and artists, examining what the paper curiously refers to as the ‘cultural legacy’ of the soon-exiting George Bush. Something which should make for very few words indeed.
The piece can be read in full here…

Here’s a bit more Gore…
“Although all politicians tell lies, Bush has gone right round the bend as a liar and he’ll be remembered for a great many of the lies, starting with weapons of mass destruction and going on and on. That’s the only legacy.
Oliver Stone, I gather, is doing father-and-son stories. I’m very fond of Oliver, but you don’t need Freud when you’re dealing with Caligula…”

Other contributors include Edward Albee, Naomi Wolf and Daniel Libeskind.

(*Photo nicked from hEyOkA mAgAzInE – where you can read Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment)

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