Apple’s Underwhelming New MacBook Designs

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Although I have to say that the main point of the Apple media event yesterday – the launch of new MacBooks – left me a bit cold, a bit “Meh…” (although it’s good news that they’re the industry’s greenest notebooks) and sadly in product design terms a bit “eeewwwww” (isn’t that plasticky black screen-bordering and keyboard honestly a bit Fugly and tacky?) the Question and Answer session, Steve Jobs responded to a number of questions of ongoing interest to the Mac faithful. Most notably:

Blu-Ray – “It’s great to watch the movies, but the licensing of the tech is so complex, we’re waiting till things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace.”

TouchScreen Display – “so far it hasn’t made a lot of sense to us.”

Netbook (low cost laptop) – “a nascent market that’s just getting started.”

I have to admit that I’d rather see a bit more of a result from the “Think Different” philosophy rather than yet another plain-ish upgrade and complication of a standard product line.
Things like the trackapd technology and the learnings from the iPhone project msut surely be able to push touch-screen displays into some interesting places, like the ever-awaited ‘tablet’ / ‘new Newton’…

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