Our Money, Drains, Stable Doors, Bolting, Scum…

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Nobody should be surprised by the 100% predictable follow-up to the bailout that despite a few mealy-mouthed / hollow / presposterously naive (select which you prefer) words from Brown and Darling that guess what… all those city bonuses will be “hard to rein in” and that the FASA has no plans to curb big bonuses and of course the fantastic riposte that if there were curbs then some of thse people (like *all* “high flyers” in the UK apparently) would go abroad.
Well – oooh – I’m quaking in my bloody boots. Let’s be honest if this bunch of scumbuckets had gone abroad some time ago, maybe we wouldn’t be in quite such a piss-poor state right now. Hell, it might not be a bad idea to spend a few bob on their plane tickets just to make sure we’re rid of the tossers.

Quite frankly I’d have held a gun to these people’s heads. *Before* lending them a single penny, explain to them that there’s not a single bonus for an exec or trader until the taxpayer is paid back in full and with interest. And if that’s not good enough for them they can bail out their own sorry arses. We’re not going to be any better or worse off whatever they do.
A golden opportunity to serve up some justice, sanity and redress completely missed.

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