ECDL: My First iMix

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On pulling together an iTunes ‘playlist’ gift for a friend today, I thought why not press the other button too and submit it to the iTunes Music Store as an iMix… (that posh/wanky talk for ‘playlist’ if truth be told…)
And it worked.
So if you fancy a nice easy introduction to one of my favourite bands, El Canto Del Loco then clicking this link should launch iTunes on your computer and take you straight to “An ECDL Mix”.
Alternatively just search for ‘El Canto Del Loco’ on iTunes and you’ll find the iMix listed down the right hand side.
It contains the following songs…

Ya Nada Volvera a Ser Como Antes
A Contracorriente
La Vida
Son Sueños
Peter Pan
Volver a Disfrutar
Dentro de Mi
Una Foto en Blanco y Negro

So – a really good combo of bouncy, big, subtle and beautiful.
All in a carefully considered order that’s got me through plenty a shite tube journey.
Give them a try :)

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