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The arrival of Battlestar Galactica – Season 4 on DVD (and its superfast arrival on my desk thanks to Play.com) is well worth shouting about.
Absolutely cracking stuff, right from the off – the cliffhanger from the close of Season 3, right through to a jaw-dropping final episode that leaves you gagging for more. Gagging till some time early next year sadly.
By far the most intelligent, incisive and imaginative TV I’ve watched in years, its explorations of politics, war, religion, philosophy and ultimately humanity demand a serious viewing. It also scores on eye-candy and gobsmacking CGI battles if you’re so inclined.
The release also reminds me to post up a link to the brilliantly pretentious and beautifully crafted “LAST SUPPER” Season 4 promo (above) – littered with meaningful clues (apparently), and dissected here…

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