It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

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(*Up, up and away… we may have to find another planet to go and fuck up by 2050)

I must admit I’ve been thinking… Why all the fuss over the Credit Crunch? We might as well just get over it, as according to this report from July we’re all doomed anyway.
The Earth will apparently become uninhabitable by around 2050 and we’ll have to bugger off into space to colonise other planets; which I suppose at least means we can probably have cool sleeping quarters like they do on Battlestar Galactica
Most important thing is that when we *do* go, we leave every banker, financier, citygit and FSA official behind on whatever remains of this smoking, toxic mudball.
And the Beckhams.
We *must* leave the Beckhams behind too…

Anyhooo – if you fancy doing something a teesny bit constructive between now and then though, then do check out COOL EARTH – a superb project to conserve and protect huge tracts of endangered rainforest by putting them into local guardianship through your funding.
One of the most admirable, constructive and practical conservation projects going on right now.
Go on, go on, go on… “buy” your loved one an acre or two…

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