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“Capitalists can buy themselves out of any crisis,
so long as they make the workers pay.”


As an aside to that – a long aside – one thing that I’ve noticed a fair amount of on newspaper and news websites is that whenever comments are posted by people (quite rightly) bemoaning the bailouts and get-out-of-jails being flung at the bastards that got us into this mess – which to the untrained eye seems little short of actually rewarding the fuckers – there are invariably a bunch of ripostes which essentially ask “Well what would you do?”.
What kind of question is that?
The point that these utter ‘tards clearly seem incapable of grasping is that those of us so violently offended by the bailouts know that we should not be in this position in the first place and should not have to take it upon ourselves to sort out what was such an inevitable shitstorm.

The ignorance and/or arrogance of these people is almost beyond belief…
Almost everyone I know has been living in a state of growing concern and outrage over recent years about unrealistic lending, irresposible lending and borrowing, and the utter unsustainability of it all.
How is this all somehow a mystery to the *experts* who got us into all this? (and their comment-board apologists?)

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