Apple Rewrites History (In A Good Way)

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I’ve always had a problem with the “History” in a web browser. Too linear, too uninformative – and too drawn out if you happen to visit a lot of websites (if you’re as big a geek as I am…)
Thankfully Apple seem to have cottoned on to this if a report on the Apple Insider website is anything to go by.

They’ve decided that a far more visual diagram (possibly a tree diagram) against a timeline (see the outline proposition from the patent application above) would make a better model that every browser’s current standard which is no more than an unstructured and unmanaged list in purely chronological.
It’s a great idea and one that appears to be destined for implimentation in their Safari web browser (which is available for both Macs and PCs).
Given that the report is based on new patent filings (from January and April), you have to wonder how far off this may be.
But a big thumbs up from me… Great to see that the “Think Different” ethos is still alive and well in Cupertino.

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