The Wonderful Mark Steel

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The ongoing shitstorm in ‘The City’ naturally provides the wonderful Mark Steel with plenty of ammo for a typically cynical, hilarious and impassioned column in today’s Independent newspaper.
Includes stuff like this:

The total amount of city bonuses for the last year, it turns out, is £12.6bn. Which is more, apparently, than the nation’s entire budget for transport…
Richard Lambert, director-general of the CBI, said the bonuses are “a very effective way of motivating employees”. In which case it’s a good job the rest of the country’s workforce manages to get motivated without a £12.6m bonus or hospitals would be full of frail old patients squealing: “Can you change my sheets dear, I’ve had an accident,” and the nurse replying: “Four million quid or you can do them yourself.”

Click here for the full article…

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