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The undisputed winner of “Ironist of the Week” – despite the fact the week started only hours ago – surely has to be Labour leadership pretender and pipsqueak in chief, David Milliband.
Over the weekend (in his marathon run of around a dozen meeting speeches at the party conference… nothing to do with ingratiating himself with lots of different groups in these feverish times for the party…) he has said that Labour needs to be honest – even about Iraq – and follows this up with the fabulous soundbite that “even though Saddam Hussien tried very hard to convince us he had weapons of mass destruction, it turns out he didn’t”.
As stabs at honesty go, that falls pretty far wide of the mark.
In the sense that it’s utterly dishonest.

As you are so clearly in need of a reminder Mr Milliband, Saddam actually did the complete opposite and tried very hard to convince you that he *did NOT* have such weapons; so did all the various independent international weapons inspection teams. It was you, your PM and other shitwits like you that chose to deliberately ignore all information and intelligence grounded in reality and make up your own to justify the occupation and plunder of Iraq.
Please look up the definition of ‘honesty’ before spouting crap like this.

Better still, just sod off.

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