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After the best part of a year-off from my F1 websites – kimistuff.com and antdavidson.com – I’ve finally reached the sad conclusion that it’s time to close them down.
I have tried to “come back” to F1 during this season, but really can’t bring myself to like it anymore. I used to love it; god knows I’ve watched it for years and years. But now I just hate the sight of it, and can’t ever imagine liking it again.
Bright side – seeing Kimi finally become World Champ as he so richly deserved, and also seeing Ant Davidson actually on the grid (though sadly in a back-of-the-grid team when he deserved much better).

Anyway, having discussed it with the other admins who’ve helped me run the sites over the years, I’ve finally made the decision to shut them down at the end of the season.
There’s plenty of downloads on them, so I’ve put up a note to all the forum members alerting them to this and giving them as much time as possible to take any downloads and other content they want.

Although it’s sad, they’ve been great places to be, and I’ve made some great friends on them – some of whom are now on Batifans.com for example and who I’ll continue to be friends with. I’ll also continue to be happy for Kimi and Ant in whatever successes they may have, and will continue my interest in F1 diecasts (mainly historical).
And some of my writing on the subject – specifically from the weekly “Motormouth” column I used to write for Teletext – remains online and can be found here…
But for the sport itself, and for the sites I built to accompany my passion, it’s over.
It’s been a great ride, but it’s finally reached the end.

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